10 Things About 1st Trimester

With the first visit to your OBGYN doctor after being pregnant, you’ll definitely experience several changes within your body. Here we have listed down the most common 10 things about the first trimester of pregnancy:

  1. Concentration Difficulties
    During the first trimester, morning sickness and fatigue make you feel worn out. Women who rest out a lot may even have difficulty in concentrating for long periods of time and is often accompanied with forgetfulness. During the first trimester, you are only planning about the baby and how everything will change once the baby arrives.
  2. Mood Swings
    You’ll experience tender breasts, nausea, food cravings, fluctuating hormonal levels that ma lead up to mood swings.
  3. Changes in Skin
    You’ll definitely experience a perfect glow to your skin due to the fluctuation in the hormonal levels. Women have increased blood flow during pregnancy which might result in certain skin changes within the body. Some women experience hyperpigmentation around the nipples, while others experience dark line forming in the midline over the lower abdomen and some have yellowish-brown patches over the face.
  4. Nails and Hair 
    The hair texture and nails are directly affected during pregnancy. Hormonal levels might increase your hair growth while making your nails stronger with faster growth.
  5. Bra Size
    With the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen, you’ll experience an increase in your breast size during the first trimester which may increase further as you progress through the pregnancy.
  6. Nesting Constitution
    With the news of pregnancy, you feel the due date is very close and you may indulge yourself in preparing the entire home for the arrival of the baby.
  7. Mobility of the Joints
    The hormone relaxin is produced during pregnancy which prepares the cervix and pubic area to become flexible in order to give birth to the baby. Relaxin helps in loosening the ligaments within the body.
  8. Constipation, Hemorrhoids or Varicose Veins 
    Due to the pregnancy hormones, you’ll experience pooling of the blood within the genital area and legs that results in the formation of varicose veins. The varicose veins in the region of the rectum become enlarged and clustered leading to the formation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Constipation is another most common symptom that is experienced during pregnancy.
  9. Time flies 
    The first trimester of pregnancy i.e. 13 weeks flies very quickly for most women.
  10. Weight remains the same 
    With the first trimester of pregnancy, you might not experience weight gain yet. You’ll likely gain a few kg after your first trimester.

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