5 Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is the most natural and healthy way for every child to grow well. In certain cases, this journey does not go as smoothly as expected. The mother have to learn the art of breastfeeding along with the needs of her child. Here are the common challenges faced with breastfeeding.

Sore nipple

Slight discomfort and tenderness are commonly observed during breastfeeding. However, the feeling of the sore nipple, severe pain, and bleeding or cracked nipple might require proper consultation. The lactation specialist should be consulted in order to provide the proper treatment. An infection and incorrect latch can also be the reasons behind the pain. Sore nipple can be caused by a poor latch, lack of compressing, tongue tie which is also called ankyloglossia, and incorrect positioning while breastfeeding. Another major issue that might lead to a sore nipple is yeast or thrush infection. The infant can be affected if the mother had a vaginal yeast infection while giving birth. This causes itchy and tender breasts along with severe burning sensation.

Breast engorgement

Engorgement is one of the challenges that might disrupt breastfeeding. Mother can experience shininess, redness, and swelling of the skin along with over-fullness of the breast. This condition might occur in the first few days of the breastfeeding process. In order to relieve engorgement, it is recommended to try the cool packs and cool compresses. It is important to make the areola soft to make latch provision easy. Consider providing support to the breast and comfortably breastfeed the baby according to the requirements.

Breast inflammation

The plugged milk duct that makes the breast red and sore signifies breast inflammation. In order to overcome this issue, consider massaging through the nursing period along with starting feeding from the blocked breast. Consider moist heat provision and showering the area more often. Consult a lactation expert to determine if there is breast infection called mastitis. Consider drinking plenty of water. Also, seek medical advice since antibiotics may be necessary in this condition.

Low milk supply

There are some women who are capable of producing enough milk required by the infant. However, low milk supply is another issue that is commonly faced in breastfeeding. The poor latch, underweight, and other breastfeeding issues cause low milk supply. Certain medication and hormonal changes might cause low milk supply. Herbal supplements, pumping, and prescription can help in overcoming this condition.


Medications may be used in certain period of pregnancy or post-partum which might cause disruption in the breastfeeding process. In order to overcome this issue, the medication should be taken under supervision of your doctor or even lactation experts. Along with that, the mother and child should get themselves checked in order to avoid any complication.


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