5 Ways To Reduce Water Retention

After giving birth, a lot of women experience swelling and puffiness in their skin. Their hands, face, feet, and legs get swelled up because of postnatal edema. It is basically water retention in a woman’s body that build up during pregnancy days. This water or fluids support the baby inside the womb. Water level can rise to 3 kilograms in a woman’s body. After birth, this water is gradually released through urine and sweat. This gradual process will take some time but, in the meantime, here are some effective ways to reduce postnatal edema.

  • Drink fluids

Giving birth to a child is an exhausting job and your body could be so tired that it actually swells. Eating, sleeping, and resting your body can help but keep drinking water to get your body hydrated. Some may think that it is counterintuitive, but it can make you reduce weight fast. Water can detox your body.

  • Elevate your feet

Either vaginal or abdominal delivery may result to postnatal edema. So, if you have swollen legs, it is suggested that you spend some time with elevated legs. The thing is you should elevate your legs above your heart, this will boost blood circulation in your legs. Normal blood and water flow throughout the body will help you with postnatal edema. Also, women should avoid sitting crossing their legs because it can impinge blood circulation in your legs.

  • Light exercise

Exercise is a big part of your health. It is necessary when you are pregnant with the baby and after delivery. Do light exercises to get your body in normal functioning. You can try to walk, do yoga, pilates, or some swimming. Moving around can help your body eliminate postnatal edema. If you experience pain, then try something else which suits you.

  • Wear loose clothes

When your body is swollen, the old clothes might not fit you properly. In that case, choose loose-fitting clothes. It will make you comfortable. Also, tight clothes can reduce blood circulation in the body.

  • Avoid eating too much salt

After giving birth, the body needs to find a balance between sodium and water. If a woman eats more salt, she will retain more water. So just balance the intake.

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