5 Fun Family Indoor Games

As much as outdoor play is important in a child’s development, it is not often that we can step out of our house, especially during dengue season in Singapore, and due to the pandemic. We have therefore consolidated some fun family games that you can play at home. We hope this will help engage the whole family and your kids!

1) Puzzles
One of the most fun family indoor games is puzzles. Puzzles are particular recommended because aside from being fun, they also help in the development of cognitive and problem-solving skills in kids. Remember that you can either use a puzzle bought from the store or let the kids make their own. For instance, you could encourage the kids to draw a picture on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Then outline the puzzle pieces directly on their drawing, using a pencil. Finally, cut the pieces, mix them up and get everyone involved in solving.

2) Hide & Seek
Hide & Seek is arguably one of the most interesting indoor games that the entire family can easily engage in. It’s extremely fun and a perfect way to bond and have a good laugh together. To play hide and seek, one person often referred to as ‘IT’ simply needs to cover his or her eyes and count aloud while the other players hide. After counting, the ‘IT’ begins to look for the hiders and the first hider to be found is usually the next ‘IT’. Well, as fun as this game may sound, it could also be dangerous, especially when older kids take it top notch. It is therefore important to remind and ensure safety before commencing on this game.

3) Freeze
Freeze is another exciting indoor family game. To play Freeze, you simply need to tune one of your kid’s favourite music and make sure you turn up the volume. Then instruct them to dance until the music stops. The kids are expected to freeze in whatever position they find themselves in at the time the music is turned off / paused. Of course, you can spice up the Freeze game and make it more interesting by instructing the kids to freeze in particular shapes, letters or animals etc.

4) Cards
You will never go wrong when it comes to playing cards indoors with the family. Playing cards is a great way to challenge young minds to think. Of course, there are many traditional card games available, so you just need to try out the different options that work with your family.

5) Treasure hunt
You can play treasure hunt together with your entire family indoors. Remember that kids enjoy finding hidden objects, especially if a prize is awarded at the end. So you can place objects in certain areas of the house, give the kids clues and ask them to find the missing object. Sometimes, instead of placing a prize, the treasure hunt could lead to coins at various corners within the house. Rest assured that this game is also a great way to make your kids collect and save coins in their piggy banks.

Playing family games is a great way to bond and helps children develop great childhood memories. So stay home and have fun!

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