5 Remedies For Baby Teething

A common name for teething is odontiasis, which is a common process every newborn baby goes through when teeth begin to show from the baby’s sensitive gums for the very first time. It is quite a painful period for the baby but is known to be temporary.

Every baby has different temperament and they show different sort of signs and symptoms during this stage. The symptoms include sensitive red gums, extreme drooling, surprisingly decreased appetite, extra rubbing of ears or cheeks, inconsolable crying and bad rashes around the neck or the mouth. This is the period when people around you will start advising you on various methods on how to handle the situation, but the problem is that these affable assumptions are not always helpful. This is why we are going to share 5 ingenious remedies for soothing your baby teething period while using natural solutions and ingredients.

• Mesh feeder filled with cold veggies or fruits
When the teething period starts, parents usually give something to their newborn to gnaw. It is recommended by the experts to give your teething baby some easy-to-chew as well as frozen fruits and veggies to gnaw or suck on. This way, the baby will remain hydrated as he will suck the water from frozen food and can also enjoy some tasty treat.
All you need to watch out for is that your baby doesn’t get choke. For this, it is recommended to use mesh feeders so that the cold food is kept from falling apart and the baby can easily bite and suck them, without taking it completely in the mouth.

• Frozen washcloths
It is recommended by the experts to give the teething baby something that he can chew, as chewing drastically decreases the pain and the pressure in the gums. It is suggested to give clean ice towel with a frozen knot to the baby to suck as it will soothe the gums during the teething phase.

• Freeze a bottle
Freezing the baby’s pacifier or bottle nipple is also a great idea. Fill the feeder with water and place it in the freezer in upside down position so that the water can freeze in the nipple. Let your baby chew the nipple to decrease the burning sensation on the gums.

• Chilled spoons
Using a chilled spoon during teething time is recommended. Refrigerate a spoon and let your baby enjoy the cold toy to play and gnaw. Wooden spoons are also useful as they offer hard texture which many babies love.

• Finger in baby’s mouth
Thoroughly wash your index finger and rub and massage it in your infant’s mouth with a light touch. Trust us, the baby will love to suck your finger with a giggle. If the baby is having no teeth at the moment, your knuckles can also do the trick.

These are a few teething time suggestions that are not just easy but also natural remedies with no side effects for your baby. Once the gums gets better, you can watch your baby enjoy to the fullest.

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