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Baby Oral Thrush

Are you worried that your baby will develop Oral Thrush? Or does your baby already have Oral Thrush? Never fear, here are a few preventive measures that should be taken to prevent the infection from spreading and offer pain relief.

What exactly is baby oral thrush?
In the mouths of every individual, there is a fungus known as Candida. This fungus is usually of no significance as our immune system protects us from disease caused by Candida species, but if our immune system becomes weak then the fungus could grow and cause sores and lesions inside the mouth which are painful. This condition caused by fungus is known as an Oral Thrush. Babies are always more susceptible to Oral thrush as their immune system is still in the developing and does not have the proper means to protect the human body as aptly as it would if fully developed.

• If you check the roof of the child’s mouth there could be white patches present there indicating the start of oral thrush.
• Red tissues that bleed easily present under the white patches or lesions.
• Redness and soreness present around the lesion.
• The patches may incite pain
• Cracks may appear at the corner of the child’s mouth.
• White patches that look like milk may appear at the corner of the mouth.
The above are the symptoms you must look out when considering Oral Thrush.

Certain preventive measures can be taken to avoid oral thrush and they are as follows:
• Sterilize all items that the baby uses. Including pacifiers, milk bottles, rattles, and breast pumps.
• Make sure that as a nursing mother, your nipple is clean so that the baby does not get the infection while feeding on you.
• Make sure your breasts are completely dry before feeding the child.
• Wear cotton bras or nursing pad so that moisture does not gather around the nipple and breast. Moisture usually contains germs and bacteria which could cause Oral Thrush.
• Antibiotics should only be used as a last resort.

Oral Thrush is a common infection that not only infants but adults can be affected by as well. There are certain preventive measures that can be taken which mainly involve being freshly clean at all times. Although Oral Thrush is not dangerous, it would be wise not to take this too lightly. As for the child, it is very painful and doctors recommend treatment and preventive measures always!

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