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Week 34

The time flies so fast finally you have completed 34 weeks of pregnancy. The baby can now hear your voice and listen to all your conversations, you might be nervous and excited at this stage. You’re done with 8 months of pregnancy and you are just one month away from delivering the baby.

Week 33

You are just seven weeks away from your due date. At this stage, you will definitely feel discomfort, annoying and tired. It is the start of your third trimester so be relaxed and stay excited to meet your new one. You’ll definitely experience some uncomfortable symptoms like pain, aches, and swelling in different body parts. You are now in the 8th month of your pregnancy so get ready to deliver the baby very soon.

Week 32

With the beginning of week 32, you are done with most of your task of carrying a baby. You are only two months away from delivering a baby and making an addition to your family. You might feel anxious or excited at the same times regarding the childbirth as you are about to deliver the bundle of joy.

Week 31

When you reach 31st week of pregnancy, you have entered the last phase of your pregnancy. You are a few weeks away from delivering the baby. You might feel clumsy, irritated along with some discomfort during this stage. Start counting your days as you are just few weeks away from seeing your bundle of joy.

Week 30

At 30thweek, you are just 10 weeks away from delivering the beautiful child. You will face some difficulties and challenges during this week which you should be prepared for making your pregnancy easier and comfortable. You’ll definitely encounter some mixed feelings during this stage as you are getting closer to the due date.

Week 29

With the beginning of the 29th week, you have finally reached the last trimester of pregnancy. It is one of the challenging phases of pregnancy. You can now feel the movements of your child and their increased activity. You are now closer to delivering the bundle of joy.

Week 28

At this week, you are finally entering the third trimester of pregnancy. You are just 12 weeks away from delivering the baby. Start preparing the nursery and other essentials for your baby at this stage.

Week 27

With the beginning of the 27th week, you are about to end up the second trimester with just two weeks remaining to enter the third trimester. It feels like a big milestone for you and the baby. You are about to enter the final stage of pregnancy. Start resting a lot in order to stay super healthy and active.

Week 26

You are about to enter the third trimester of pregnancy, you feel different with different symptoms during this week. As the days pass by, you’ll have different feelings each day. You’ll feel energetic or restless during this week depending on your feelings when you wake up.

Week 25

Once you reach week 25, you are at the end of your second trimester. At week 25, you are done with 5 months and 2 weeks and you are approximately 4 months away from delivering the bundle of joy. The baby is constantly growing and moving during these weeks.

Week 24

You have reached the 6th month of your pregnancy and you have gained around 15-16 pounds during this stage. If you have been following the tips, do’s and don’ts regarding your diet plan then you won’t gain excess weight during your pregnancy and enjoy being healthy and active during the entire pregnancy.

Week 23

Week 23 is an exciting week for most ladies out there as the baby bump becomes visible at this stage. This week, the baby starts looking like a human. Week 23 is the time when the baby fees real as the baby looks like a human at this stage.