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Week 10

At 10 weeks, you are a quarter way through the pregnancy journey. The baby starts getting stronger and bigger with each passing day. Only a few more weeks are remaining for the first trimester to end. With the third month of pregnancy, the vital organs of the baby are formed.

Normal vs Caesarean Delivery

There are three stages of normal delivery and the amount of time in each stage of delivery may vary for each woman. For the first-time moms, labor and delivery usually last about 12 to 14 hours while for not first-timers, it becomes shorter.

Week 9

During this period you are definitely going to experience some changes as the baby has turned into a fetus during this stage. It turns into a stronger and bigger baby. You are near the end of the first trimester.

No Pain, No Gain

While some mothers have managed very well without any kind of pain relief, not everyone has the same level of threshold for pain. Because of this, opting for medication for pain during the delivery is one of the things you should determine before you go into the delivery room or an option that you should note in your birth plan.

Week 8

At week 8th, you feel like you have achieved an important milestone. You have completed your 2 months journey of pregnancy, and you are only seven months away from delivering the bundle of joy to this world. The growth and the development of the baby rapidly continue at this stage. You might feel symptoms of pregnancy at this stage.

Week 7

With the start of 7 weeks, you’ll definitely feel that you are pregnant. The baby has increased in size and continues to rapidly grow within your body. More commonly you’ll experience the signs of pregnancy at week seven. This is the time where you start facing challenges and experience anxiety.

Week 6

You most probably found out that you are pregnant a few days before. You must be emotional at this stage and anxious at the same time. You’ll definitely experience some discomforting symptoms during this stage.
The embryo at six weeks starts developing various features although the embryo is still small. The organs and various systems have started to take some shape.

Week 5

Week 5 is commonly known as the period during which the moms-to-be come to know that they are pregnant. You have missed your periods till this week and you have increased hormonal levels, morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, and sore breasts.

Week 4

You are four weeks pregnant and there is a long journey ahead of you if you are sure that you are pregnant. You will have exciting and challenging experiences during the entire journey so get ready for it. The egg is now released from the ovary and has reached the fallopian tube where it gets fertilized by the sperm.

About Twins or Multiple Pregnancies

Multiple pregnancies result when a sperm fertilizes two or more eggs. Moreover, a multiple pregnancy can transpire when a fertilized ovum ruptures into two halves. Women with multiple pregnancies can give birth to two, three, or more kids. Multiple pregnancies are in women who have a family history of twins.

How To Treat Acne During Pregnancy?

Acne can develop when the oil glands in the skin are stimulated at puberty or due to hormonal changes. Pregnancy acne is not a special type of acne- But being pregnant makes most susceptible to the condition. Acne is common in pregnant woman and one out of two pregnant women should expect to develop acne. However, with special care and medication, you can get rid of acne.