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Bonding Time With Your Newborn

Bonding is the attachment that develops between you and your newborn. It is the feeling that compels you to shower them with lots of affection, care, and love! To some parents, bonding time may start immediately after birth or within the first few days. For some other parents, it may take a while for the bonding to happen. Nevertheless, you should take your time to enjoy your parenthood journey with your little one.

Researchers in the past thought that it was important to establish a bond right away. In recent years, it has been discovered that bonding can take place over time. So parents who adopt kids later in their childhood or those who get separated from their newborns immediately after birth are also capable of developing a close, affectionate and loving relationship.

Ways of bonding
The parent-child bond continues to grow each day through caregiving. Your baby might be cuddly and cute, but they are still a new person that you have to bond with in order to get to know them. There is no known formula with magic that works. We, however, know of a few things that are helpful in the bonding process.
• Play with your baby every day. They may not be able to play with toys at this age, however, the cuddling, smiling and cooing will go a long way!
• Breastfeed. It lets out some hormones in the body that encourage feelings of love and attachment between you and your little one. Breastfeeding will also relax you.
• Have a lot of close-up face time. Give them a smile every now and then; smile back when they smile first. Soon, this will turn into some special kind of conversation with them. When you coo, they might also coo back!
• Initiate and carry along some kind of conversation with them throughout the day. Talk or sing to them while looking into their eyes. Explain what you are doing, feeling and thinking.
• Have some cuddle time with lot of contact. Such human touch will soothe both your baby and you, so hold and stroke them gently.
• Read a colorful book to them while cuddling.
• Carry them in a front carrier or even a sling. Looking down at them to make eye contact, inhaling their scent and feeling their warmth will help the two of you to bond.
• If it happens that your baby has to stay in intensive care, request help to hold and touch them once in a while.

Tread easy with yourself as becoming a new parent can prove to be exhausting. During a period known as baby blues, moms may feel overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. If you went through a tough delivery, take some recovery time then concentrate on bonding later on. There should be no rush in your parenting journey.

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