What Is Membrane Sweep?

A few days delay in delivery is no concern but if your delivery goes past two weeks your chances of a stillbirth increases. To avert the possibility doctors perform membrane sweep on an expectant mother to induce labor.

Preparing Maternity Bag

It’s almost time to bring your baby to the world and a perfect time to gather all the essentials for giving birth. Collect all your birth and labor necessities – And while you may not be planning a hospital birth, it’s still important to pack your bags during the 36th week of pregnancy.

Signs Of Labor

If you have been noticing that your due date comes and goes with no signs of labor starting, don’t be distressed. Due date are only an estimate of when your baby will be 40 weeks. It does not necessarily tell you when your baby will arrive. It’s perfectly normal to give birth before or after your due date.

Getting Ready With A Birth Plan

Even if you have 9 months to prepare for the coming of your baby, chances are you will still have some doubts, worries, and fears that will only melt away until you have actually given birth. Compared to decades ago, childbirth for first-time moms now takes 2.6 times longer according to a study by National Institutes of Health. However, length of labor should not fret you.

10 Things About 3rd Trimester

Because your bump increases in size, your organs receive more pressure. That is why, many women experience difficulty in breathing. Also, you will still need to deal with the same discomforts you had during the second trimester.