Why Tummy Exercise Is Important?

Tummy exercise, often referred to as tummy time is essential for babies, although most babies hate it. If your baby isn’t a fan of tummy exercise, it could be so frustrating that you might consider skipping the whole deal. Well, the good news is that there are many different tummy exercises for babies, including rock and roll, taking a stroll, using props as well as going chest to chest.

Handling A Preemie

A preemie is another term for a premature baby. These are babies born between 20 weeks and before 37 weeks of gestation. A healthy pregnancy should last for about 40 weeks, but sometimes the baby can come out before that, and thanks to current technology and advances to the medical world, it can thrive and… Continue reading Handling A Preemie

7 Tips On Feeding Newborns

As everyone says, breast milk is the best. But in rare cases when breastfeeding is not possible, you may use infant formula. Most newborns need about one feeding every two to three hours, a total of eight to 12 feedings a day. Moving hands to the mouth, sucking on fists and fingers, and lip smacking are early signs of a hungry newborn. Fussing and crying are later cues.

How To Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

Babies are expected to sleep well in a bid to achieve great physical health and emotional well-being. As a matter of fact, the importance of safe sleeping for babies can never be overemphasized. Bear in mind that creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby will reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as well as other injuries

How To Relief Baby’s Gas By Burping

It is a very common thing for babies to pass out gas. A normal baby can actually pass out gas about 13 to 21 times daily. The reason is that infants have many chances of swallowing air during activities such as eating, breastfeeding, crying or sucking a pacifier.

Tongue-tie: Symptoms And Treatments

Tongue, the strongest muscle of our body, needs to move freely to reach every nook and corner of your mouth. It also serves various purposes such as it aids you in making different sounds as you speak, allows you to swallow your food and prevents food bits from sticking around in your mouth.

Why Baby Massage Is Important?

Babies usually communicate through touches before they ever develop other communication skills. Most parents instinctively pick up their babies and soothe or massage them whenever they cry. Massaging a baby has therefore become a natural impulse that is adopted by most parents.

How To Treat Nappy Rash?

A nappy rash also known as diaper rash is a common, but uncomfortable type of rash that occurs in babies. This sort of rash may cause the skin to be scaly, bumpy or raw and that explains why many parents often get worried once they notice it.

6 Baby Cues You Should Know

A mother spent nine months planning and preparing for the arrival of a baby doing so many things, including decorating a nursery and reading what your baby might need, his or her cues of hunger, thirst, and sleep among so many other things. But things could be different once your baby is born.