Your Child At 6 Years

At the age of 6 years, your child will progress in terms of his development in predictable sequences. Your child is taking a firm step towards the big school-phase after finishing kindergarten. Along with that, your child is learning how to enjoy outside their home’s comfort, facing peer pressure, and have an interactive behavior.

Your Child At 5 Years 11 Months

A kid at 5 years and 11 months old has entered into an age where he shows a wide range of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Parents must identify these milestones so that they can monitor their toddler’s growth and development. Let us share these milestones with you.

Your Child At 5 Years 10 Months

Like the other phases of child development, this age period of 5 years and 10 months will show major changes. This is the time when your kid will emotionally and physically evolve. It comes along with the insecurities of leaving the comfort of their parents behind. At this age, your child will experience social changes through schooling, playing games, and other activities in the absence of the parents.

Your Child At 5 Years 9 Months

Your toddler is almost 6 years old and he might be showing his personality. Plus, he will definitely be learning new things and skills. He will also be making new friends and enjoy playing with them. You will notice him having little secrets and a strong friendship bond.

Your Child At 5 Years 8 Months

After the pre-school phase, now your child is on that stage where he/she is always excited to explore new things. Now your child has stronger bond with you. Now they can finally express their feelings to you. And in this age, parents are whom they are most comfortable to talk about their emotions.

Your Child At 5 Years 7 Months

At this phase of development, your child is evolving in terms of his physical and emotional capabilities. Your little one is becoming more independent in terms of making a decision, creating a social circle, and deciding what to eat or wear.

Your Child At 5 Years 6 Months

At this age, you will find your child having noticeable changes in his behavior. It is because of his exploration and imagination. He will ask you several questions in a day. Your kid has a social circle beyond his family now. You will see his emotional growth as well in the form of affection, attention, and care.

Your Child At 5 Years 5 Months

Now that your toddler is all grown up and he is good with all the little things, you will notice he can lift small things and do some household work. You will notice the changes in him, physically, mentally and academically. He might stun you with his thoughts sometimes. You will notice him talk the way adults do sometimes.

Your Child At 5 Years 4 Months

As a parent, you are always learning what is expected from your child and how to handle them. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes along the way. Don’t feel bad or overwhelmed, learn the expected developmental milestones of your child.

Your Child At 5 Years 3 Months

After reaching at the age of 5 years, your child will be old enough to talk, walk, and learn so many things. The way he or she acts, speaks and move, tells us a lot about the developmental milestones they have achieved but what are these milestones?