Common Childhood Eye Conditions

Children’s visual system develops up to 8 years old. If left untreated, eye conditions can cause permanent eye disabilities that can affect a child’s future. This is why eye checks are of utmost importance: the sooner a condition is identified, the sooner your child can get the necessary treatment needed.

Kids With Special Needs

Nine months of painful and challenging journey comes to an end with the biggest of the blessings one is be able to have. You call yourself imperfect and have lived a life with all those flaws but you want your child to lead a perfect life as a perfect person. However, the fear keeps on hovering over you and you keep on looking for it.

Dyslexia: Symptoms And Treatment

Is your child dyslexic? Are you uncertain? Well, here are the basic symptoms to look for if you suspect dyslexia and the proven treatments are also stated. Give them a read and they are sure to help. There are many disorders in the world and out of them; one of the most emotionally painful is the learning disorder of Dyslexia. Many believe that dyslexia cannot cause emotional distress. They are wrong. How would you feel if you could not recognize common speech, understand sounds? How would you feel when people who do not understand what’s actually going on making fun of you or call you slow because you say that the letter is dancing in front of you? That is what those with Dyslexia go through.