Bringing Your Child to a Haircut

Having a toddler can be extremely challenging. It is a real struggle for sure to quench the thirst of exploring eyes and hands waving here and there to grab the very thing that comes to their reach.
Well, parenting is fun and we surely not going to frame it in anything that scares you out, however, handling a child for a Haircut is a serious problem as it holds risk of injuries too.

Tips For Travelling With Kid

Traveling with your toddler could present new prospects and challenges for you-Leaving your bundle of joy behind is not in your mind; the toddler is part of your life now. At the toddler phase, your kid is somewhere between 9-18 months. It is at this time that they learn to walk and enable you to rediscover your walking too.

Tips For Sleep Training Your Child

Now that your toddler is growing – It is important to sleep train him. You cannot be there every time to make your kid sleep and teaching him to sleep on his own saves you the time. Teaching your baby good sleeping habits will allow you and your partner to rest well. Besides, it’s never too late to teach your toddler to sleep- besides who likes the occasional baby wakes in the middle of the night.

Feeding And Nutrition Tips

Kids look healthy when they eat the right food. At 4 years and above, the child should eat the same food you eat. Your role as a parent is to provide meals with nutritional value in a clean environment. Also, you need to create fixed times for eating.

Dental Check For Young Children

When it comes to the first dental visit, most parents are confused: Should I take my child when all his teeth are grown? Should I wait for a dental problem to manifest? Such questions linger in the minds of most new mothers. However, experts do not agree and recommend taking your child to the dentist as soon as the first tooth grows.

Dos’ and Don’ts At Baby Mealtime

Even adults will reject porridge if we have been eating it twice daily for 6 months!” These have been a word of encouragement to several lazy mothers out there, they believe, 1 year and 7 months? My baby is old enough to start eating solid meals.

How To Potty Train Your Child?

Being able to use the potty is a very important skill for your little one to learn, and the best way to do it, is to introduce it to your little one slowly without forcing it. Every child is different and they learn in their own pace. Controlling the bladder is a skill that takes time to acquire and to master. They will eventually get there when their bodies are ready.

5 Ways To Overcome Picky Eater

Parents always want the best for their kids, especially when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. This therefore explains why most parents often get frustrated when their kids are picky with food. It is even more frustrating for parents to watch their kids ditch healthy foods in favor of sugars and fatty foods.

Dos’ and Don’ts Of Planning A Party

Parties are a great way of socializing and making beautiful memories. Most often as parents, we always find reasons to throw parties for our kids. Some of the most common reasons for organizing a party for your little one include birthday and Christmas celebrations, baptism, as well as graduation, etc.

5 Fun Family Indoor Games

Playing family games is a great way of bonding and helping the kids create great childhood memories. Inasmuch as outdoor games are exciting, there are also some fun indoor games that can totally mind blowing. Remember that you can’t always take the family out for outdoor games, especially during the summer period.