Common childhood health problems and diseases

As a parent, you may have dealt with enough stomach bugs, ear infections, and fevers successfully. After all, every child deserves the right care and quality medical care. But there are other common childhood health problems and disease you should know. They include:

1. Mouth, hand, and foot, disease
This infectious viral disease isn’t severe. Children within the age range of 4 to 5 are most likely to get it through saliva and stool.

Poor appetite
A sore throat

After some days, painful sores may occur in the throat. Also, a skin rash may appear on the trunk, soles, palms and diaper region. Usually, it clears up within ten days without medication.

2. Croup
Croup attacks the voice box and windpipe. The disease is mostly caused by viruses and lasts for 7days or less.

The symptoms begin with stridor and barky cough, which worsens at night. Other symptoms include:
A runny nose and other flu-like symptoms

Steam up your bathroom and sit with your baby for ten minutes. You can also use a cool mist humidifier as breathing in moist air can help ease the symptoms. Also, if the night air is moist and cool, take your baby outside with a hat and coat so she can her breathe in the night air.

3. Scarlet Fever
Before now, Scarlet Fever was a deadly illness, but there are available treatments now. It is a bacterial infection, which is caused by group A strep.

The Symptoms include:
A rash around the face, neck and the body.
A sore throat

If your baby has a rash or a sore throat, call your doctor immediately. Also, if she tests positive for scarlet fever, then treat the disease with shots of antibiotics to prevent complications.

4. Fifth Disease
Fifth disease is a common condition among children between the ages of 5 to 15 years. In some kids, it’s benign. A child who has a weak immune system or sickle cell anemia gets very sick from the disease.

A runny nose
Swollen joints
Low fever

After some days, a red rash will appear on the face and all over the body. When the rash appears, the disease is no longer deadly.

It will take about one to three weeks for the rash to clear. Also, your child’s joints may ache and rash may itch as well. Your pediatrician will recommend medications to ease these symptoms.

5. RSV
(RSV) or Respiratory Syncytial Virus is an infection that affects the airways. Usually, it isn’t serious, but if it can affect a child who has a weak immune system or lungs or heart disease. Also, it can cause pneumonia and lungs inflammation.

Flu-like symptoms such as a cough, nasal congestion, and runny nose
Breathing problems in babies

Talk with your pediatrician about ways to relieve the symptoms. Palivizumab is a drug that can help prevent RSV in high-risk babies.

The above illnesses run its course without any like major worries. But some severe symptoms like breathing difficulties, dehydration, or High fever may need a consultation with your doctor.

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