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5 Ways To Overcome Picky Eater

Parents always want the best for their kids, especially when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. This therefore explains why most parents often get frustrated when their kids are picky with food. It is even more frustrating for parents to watch their kids ditch healthy foods in favor of sugars and fatty foods.

Your Toddler At 24 Months

Your baby is already 2! Can you believe that? It’s quite amazing how time flies. By the 24th month, your baby is now able to do a lot by himself. He can feed himself, pull off his socks, speak more clearly, and is capable of being more expressive with his emotions.

Your Toddler At 23 Months

At this age, toddlers are resistant to change. If he can’t adapt to changes, maintain stability in other areas, and support him always. Also, toddlers at 23 months love repetition, so welcome this period as they understand process new and ideas.

Your Toddler At 22 Months

It feels like just yesterday when you heard that first cry of your baby. Like a blink of an eye, they are already running around the whole place! It’s fascinating, right? Well, as exciting as it may be, you still need to pay close attention to the basics. You can do this by looking out for the developmental milestones in your child.

Your Toddler At 21 Months

Watching babies grow is fun and fabulous. At 21 months, your baby will develop new skills and surprise you as they grow into their personality. Meanwhile, kids are different. Vanessa may love yelling so much while Lydia is out there biting other kids. At this age, your baby’s personality will start shining through, and this is the best time to shape their behavior.

Your Toddler At 13 Months

After your baby’s first birthday, it’s another lovely stage for him.  It’s a crucial period for your baby, and you must make certain that you are not restricting his growth. Allow him to explore the captivating world around him. In this guide, you’ll find out what developmental milestones your baby should achieve at 13 months.