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Your Child At 3 Years 11 Months

At the age of 3 years and 11 months, you need to plan lessons, classes, and certain beneficial activities for your little one. Plan it all up with a lot of precaution and care as your toddler wants to explore a lot more. Make sure the activities are entertaining to enhance his creativity and imagination.

Your Child At 3 Years 10 Months

When your child is 3 years and 10 months old, then it is about the age of 4 and at this age, your child will be showing a keen interest in every learning activity. He or she will be playing and growing while making the most of their time. It is the age when most kids are about to go to kindergarten or already in kindergarten.

Your Child At 3 Years 9 Months

Your kid is growing faster now. He goes to preschool. He also has a bunch of friends. You will notice him talking and speaking full sentences and the energy level in him will be a lot. Now that you notice him having some friends being a parent, you need to stay balanced. You need to give your child space to grow and yet give them attention.

Your Child At 3 Years 8 Months

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your child stepping on milestones one after the other. It is little comfort that you feel when your child is becoming better in speaking, walking, and eating. At the age of 3 years and 8 months, your child will understand what you say to her or him. Along with that, there are some other developments that your child might be experiencing.

Your Child At 3 Years 7 Months

Enormous developmental changes occur during the preschool years for every child. They will be learning new things and trying to become more and more independent day by day. From crawling to playing and running, a baby does come to a long way indeed. Every 3 years and 7 months old child will have his or her own unique pace of development but in the end, there are some universal milestones that every child achieves.

Your Child At 3 Years 6 Months

Your toddler is a pre-schooler now. He is meeting new people and developing skills every passing day. When he meets new people, he will adapt his habits also. This is the time when parents have to be careful about what he is learning. If you notice him learning and doing something which is not good, the first thing you should do is to stop him. While stopping, you need to keep this in mind that you don’t scold him or shout at him. Tell him politely and softly.

Your Child At 3 Years 5 Months

Finally, you have passed the initial period of almost two and a half years with your little one. Now, the pre-schooling phase is on its peak. Your child is finally understanding you. In this period of age, your child is improving his/her communication skills, interactions, imagination, and ability to learn new things. From the “Terrible twos” to the “magic years” of 3 and 4, here are some of the developmental milestones your child is likely to achieve.

Your Child At 3 Years 4 Months

As your baby grows older, it is necessary to check out the minor developmental changes and progress in his/her actions and behaviour. There are certain life stages which have been mentioned by different scientists like “Erikson 8 stages “and “Freud’s theory of personality development”. It can help you in protecting your child from any systemic underlying disorder, from delayed functioning of organs and from walking and speaking problems.

Your Child At 3 Years 3 Months

At the age of 3 years and 3 months, your baby will be getting more independent in everything. He or she will be ready for preschool. At this age, toddlers are more ready to do anything. Here are some of the important milestones that your baby of 3 years and 3 months will be achieving. Have a look:

Your Child At 3 Years 2 Months

You see how your toddler is turning into a big kid, running fast, making full sentences and even a long chat. He is now keen about the things he sees. He loves exploring new things and not ashamed to ask anything from you. This is the time when he needs you to be responsive and answer all the tons of questions bothering him. If you answer his questions patiently and with a positive attitude, he will also grasp the positivity but if you ignore that, it might affect his learning process.

6 Ways To Improve Child’s Behavior

Good parenting is indeed a difficult task. It is a huge responsibility on parents to positively construct their children’s behavior. For this, they must use positive and productive tactics. School teachers share this responsibility with parents as they also play a good role in constructing child’s behavior.

Handling Baby’s Stranger Anxiety

As time goes by and your baby starts growing, you notice that they start recognizing their caretakers. Moreover, you will also witness their fear of strangers around the same time period. No matter what the situation is, your child needs to feel safe and secure. The presence of strangers can make them feel vulnerable.