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Your Child At 4 Years

As your child passes through the first three years of life, the basic mental and physical development has started. Everything that happens at this stage leaves a permanent impression on the body and behaviour of your child. At 4, you should be really concerned about the weight, height, food intake and basic habits of your children.

6 Ways To Improve Child’s Behavior

Good parenting is indeed a difficult task. It is a huge responsibility on parents to positively construct their children’s behavior. For this, they must use positive and productive tactics. School teachers share this responsibility with parents as they also play a good role in constructing child’s behavior.

5 Ways To Overcome Picky Eater

Parents always want the best for their kids, especially when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. This therefore explains why most parents often get frustrated when their kids are picky with food. It is even more frustrating for parents to watch their kids ditch healthy foods in favor of sugars and fatty foods.