Help Your Child In Coping With Stress

As adults, we assume that children are carefree and they can never experience depression or stress. However, kids do experience stress in school or experience stress with friends. As parents, we cannot protect our children from stress but there are ways on teaching them how to cope up with it. We can help by attending to our children whenever we notice signs of depression.

What causes Stressful Situations in your child’s life:
The most common causes include:

  • Regular changes in the lifestyle
  • New house or car
  • Newborn siblings
  • Holidays
  • New caregiver
  • Problems in family life
  • Alterations within the family structure

Signs of Stressful Situations in your child’s life: 
Observe these signs carefully:

  • Certain changes in eating, sleeping or other habits.
  • Increased crying spells or bad dreams.
  • Wanting isolation or separation from others.
  • Hair-pulling, thumb sucking or nail-biting habits.
  • Increased aggression or frustration.

Tip to helps your children cope up with stressful times: 
Follow these simple tips! 
• Talk to your child about the event or experience which is bothering him. It makes your child comfortable when you talk about things that your child is concerned about. Show some empathy and care to your child. Try understanding how your child feels.
• Listen to your child calmly and attentively. Show him interest, care, and patience. Avoid judging or blaming your child for his or her actions. Listen to your child’s concerns and then try to talk to him gently.
• Comment calmly on your child’s experience without making him feel upset about his behaviour. Feeling listened to and understood makes your child feel supported and that aids in coping up with stress.
• Communicate with your child and try to understand his or her feelings. This allows your child to stay calm without being angry or frustrated.
• Try brainstorming with your child and find solutions for solving a specific problem. Active involvement of your child can build up their confidence. You can support your child with good ideas to get rid of that problem.
• Some kids do not like bothering you with how they feel but that’s OK. Just give them your complete attention and make them feel that you are always there for them.
• You might feel hurt or depressed when your child is stressed out. Try being patient at such moments and help your child cope up with such situations.

Children should be taught how to cope up with their problems as parents won’t be there all the time to solve their issues. Teach them ways on how to cope up with stress so they can learn how to deal with stress effectively in future, independently.

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