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Bringing Your Child to a Haircut

As fun as parenting may be, getting your child ready for a haircut can be pretty daunting for first-timers! Here are some tips for you to try in ensuring a great outcome for their first haircut!

Trim Frequently
Try to trim down hair as soon as you see them growing. It will be easier to handle half grown hair rather than a head of full grown hair. This will lessen the time needed to be endured by your child for the haircut session.

Ensure their Basic Needs are Fulfilled
Take your child to a haircut only when he or she is well slept and well fed. Hunger and sleepiness will result in a cranky mood which can make the situation tougher to handle.

Prepare Your Child
Give your child time to get acquainted with the environment of the salon. Placing him or her straight on the chair as soon as you reach can scare your child which can lead to a great deal of stress. Familiarity with the environment will help your child to get settled down and thus reduces the chance of any dreadful reaction. It is also ideal for you to explain to him/her what will happen at the hair salon and to even show videos or pictures of haircut.

Make it Fun!
Haircut sessions can be fun too! Bring elder siblings or your spouse along to help you with playing with your child. One can engage the child while another can assist the stylist in handling. Favourite toys, digital gadgets and other such stuffs can also be helpful to distract and to make him/her feel that a visit to the hair salon can be such an enjoyable “excursion” that your child may look forward to it again.

Ask Your Child for Permission
Try not to allow the stylist to put the cutting apron on your child without letting your child know first. The fear of ‘something is happening to me’ is likely to rise if child is made to get ready for it. Instead, ask your child if he/she would like to sit alone or on your lap, also ask him/her for permission to cover the cutting apron. Informing and asking them gently will help them get more prepared about it.
After the haircut, remember to make beautiful and positive comments about his/her outlook and behaviour during the session! This will motivate them to remember the fun outing they had to the hair salon and signifies a great milestone unlocked!

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