How To Breastfeed When Returning Work

Motherhood can be unconditional and at times it gets tough. In Singapore, a working mother can take a maternity leave of up to 4 months from work when a baby is born.  But when it is the time to return to work, the main problem arises. You can leave your baby in daycare, but you are worried about his feeding. At times, it becomes difficult for a mother to express her breast milk for her child at work. When a mother is juggling with work and other responsibilities, the baby gets neglected. Every mother’s top priority is their child and she plans the best she could for them. When it is time to return back to work force, it needs some time to adjust with work and the child and sometimes, both at the same time.

When your baby is a few months old and still on the liquid diet,  it is important for you to start planning ahead with your work. If you are having a hard time managing all at the same time, here are some of the tips that might help you.

  1. Start bottle feeding

If you have planned to go back to work soon after the maternity leave ends, you need to consider introducing your child to a bottle. This gradual introduction to bottlefeeding provides the child enough time to adjust while you are away from home.

  1. Use a breast pump

At this stage, this breast pump will become your best friend. You can use this to store milk for your baby for all the time you are at work. This is to ensure that your baby has enough supply of milk.

  1. Talk to your boss

When you go back to work, it might feel new to you and might face some difficulty in adjusting. The thing is that you are already attached to your baby and staying away from your child may be bothersome. To ease this out, what you may do is to talk to your boss and ask him if he can grant you some half days in the first few weeks of returning to work.

  1. Pumping Schedule

You need to have a proper schedule to pump milk and nurse your baby. You also need to plan ahead the day earlier. Once you have pumped the milk, you can refrigerate or freeze it for use later.

Motherhood is a responsibility, filled with love.  Being a mother, you will have everything juggling in your hands but you will still be able to manage them all.





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