Baby Sleep Training And Tips

A lot of mothers face difficulties in sleep training their babies. This situation is nevertheless quite relatable considering that some babies easily fall and stay asleep, whereas others face difficulties settling down to sleep or getting back to sleep when they have wakened. In this article, I have compiled some of the best sleep training tips that will help your baby sleep well and safely.

• Establish a bedtime routine.
Even though it is advisable to start a bedtime routine as early as when your baby is six weeks old, it is never too late and you can always start it any time. There are actually many bedtime routine ideas including taking a warm bath, reading a book, singing a song or playing music before putting your baby to sleep. You just need to try out a few routines and stick to what works for your baby.

• Picking a consistent bedtime
It is imperative to choose an early bedtime so that your baby is not overtired and fighting sleep. Many experts have recommended 7 to 8PM as the ideal bedtime for babies. That said, it is important to be consistent with the bedtime on a daily basis for easy adaptation. Therefore, even on your busiest days, you should do your best to ensure that your baby sleeps at the scheduled time. After all, once your baby sleeps, you will also have enough time to rest and catch up with other things like watching your favorite series.

• Follow a particular day time schedule
This implies that you should prepare your baby for sleep at particular times during the day. For instance, you can prepare your baby for a nap every 10am after you must have bathed and fed him. The trick is that the predictability helps your baby to feel more secure and relaxed. And of course, once a baby is relaxed, he or she settles down to sleep more easily.

Furthermore, you should also ensure that your baby doesn’t have any medical condition that affects his or her sleep. To this effect, even the most underlying condition like sleep apnea should be addressed by your baby’s doctor before you consider a sleep training program.

Of course, you can also use common sense to develop the best methods of getting your baby into good sleep habits. Nonetheless, be ready to experience occasional regressions after sleep training is over. That said, regressions are particularly common when your baby gets sick or when you are travelling.

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