Myths And Facts About Sleep Training

Happy parenting to you if it’s your first time having a baby! On one hand, the addition of that little bundle of joy in your family is something that has taken you to cloud nine. On the other hand, it asks you for showing extra care and being more responsible as a parent.

When it comes to sleep training your baby, you might have been following some myths blindly just because every other person does so. However, you must know the reality in order to let your baby have a good and proper sleep.
Let us run you through some common myths and facts in the light of science-based evidence below:

MYTH: Crying it out is not good for my little one 
FACT: There is nothing wrong if you sleep train your baby while he cries it out. Noticeably, there are numerous paediatric studies supporting CIO sleep training as an effective approach. Furthermore, it won’t put any long-term impact on the mental or emotional development of your baby. That said, it’s reasonable to let your child cry it out for approximately 5-10 minutes.

MYTH: I cannot share the same room if I sleep train my baby 
FACT: There is nothing wrong in sleeping in the same room as your baby as you sleep train him. In fact, it’s a more convenient way to breastfeed your baby. Doing so also helps you to understand your baby’s sleep patterns and progress in sleep training. However, your baby should have his own separate place to sleep, such as a bassinet or a crib.

MYTH: Consuming cereal before bedtime aids in keeping my baby asleep 
FACT: It does not actually work. In contrast, it is suggested not to add cereal in your child’s bottle since the introduction of solid foods should take place when your baby turns six months old. Also, your baby is more likely to put on additional weight if he consumes cereal in his bottle before sleeping at night.

Take-Home Message: 
There are many different sleep training methods out there so try one that you feel fits you and your baby best. Holding and cuddling your little one as he is falling asleep is fine for the first 3 months. However, it is recommended for older babies to learn the importance of falling asleep and self-soothing on their own.

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