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Nurturing Your Child Through Music

Music is very beneficial for your baby during pregnancy as well as after your child is born. The benefit ranges from having a simple relaxing effect on your child to aiding your child’s development.

Pre-natal music nurturing
Music is not only good for a mother’s mental health, but also for your unborn baby! Numerous studies have shown that babies can in fact hear sounds and music while still in the mother’s womb! Recent research goes as far as to show that prenatal music may be beneficial to the overall development of the baby, especially the baby’s auditory system.

Remember to play music that is soothing, since researchers have theorised that perhaps music that is less soothing might have adverse effect on your baby’s prenatal development. This is still a speculation as of now, but it is always best to be safe than sorry! So try playing lullabies and classical music!

Just like how babies respond to their mothers’ voice even when they are still inside their mothers’ womb, try playing them music to see how they react to different types of music.

At the end of the day, playing relaxing and soothing music reduces the stress level of pregnant women as well as lowering anxiety levels. A healthy mother means a healthy pregnancy which translates to a healthy baby!

Music Nurturing for Toddlers
After your little angel is born, try listening to soothing music together. This is a great way to bond with your little angel as well as to nurture your little angel’s love for music.

Music is also a great tool for your child to develop their senses. Give your child the opportunity to listen to different kinds of music when they are born, not just soothing music. This will open up different pathways in your child’s brain, aiding their development.

It is natural for children to move to the rhythm of different songs and music. This helps develop your child’s fine as well as gross motor skills! Dancing around to music also helps with balance and strength!

You can introduce music with words (i.e. songs) to your toddlers slowly as well! Your child might not be able to understand the words of the songs yet, but they will understand the story telling part of the song. It will also help your child to decode different sounds and words.

Since most songs contain repetition of words in the chorus, it encourages children to identify different sound patterns by anticipation. This is the bedrock for the development of literacy as well as numeracy!

Happy parenthood and good luck!

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