Safety Tips For Bathing A Newborn

Bath time is the best time for connecting with your little one, but don’t allow the serenity of the moment to take away your mother caution. You will need to take safety tips in your hand to ensure that your little one remains comfortable and healthy after bathing.

Before bathing your baby, you should pack all the required supplies in time. Towels, washcloths, diapers body wash and clothes are some of the essentials you will need for bathing. Gather these essentials and ensure they are at reach all times.  Here are some of the safety tips to take during bathing:

1. Never leave your baby alone
Accidents in the bathtub are common and so the first rule in bathing your baby is being present all the times. Whether you are starting to or finish bathing, always ensure to monitor your baby. Water can be dangerous for newborns and a few centimetres could predispose them to health issues.

You should also instruct your helper to never leave your little one in the tub alone regardless of whether you have water in the bathtub or not. Injuries that happen in the washroom are common so it is important to always monitor your baby.

Keep your baby warm
Always bath your baby using warm water as it prevents your baby from chilling. It is important not to use hot water as it can easily burn your baby’s skin. Use your elbow to check the water temperature; alternatively, you can use a bath thermometer to measure the temperature. The temperature should be slightly above 37⁰C.

2. Hold your baby firmly
Hold your baby firmly when bathing him as soapy bodies are slippery. Holding him firmly prevents accidental sliding and falling in the bathroom can be very dangerous for a newborn.

3. Use an ordinary soap
A baby’s skin is very sensitive and using soaps with perfumes or dyes could irritate him. A washcloth and a mild baby wash will come in handy when bathing. Create a good lather into your washcloth before starting and gently cradle your baby’s head as you use the other to wash him.

Bathing your baby can be a little difficult at first however as you follow the bathing safety tips, you will do great!

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