The Challenges Faced In 4th Trimester

For most mothers, postpartum period (few months after delivery) means a change of their lifestyle. Postpartum is also the period when your body is slowly healing from the physical changes that you went through in childbirth.
Here are some of the challenges you’ll likely experience:

i. Aches and pains
Headaches and pains are common after childbirth. However, these pains subside over time. It is normal to experience lower abdominal pain after giving birth- this is because of the contractions that your uterus goes through and contractions exert strain in your body hence the pains.
Some women also complain of lower back pain, which is common due to the intense strain during labour contractions. The pains should be manageable but if you experience severe pains then it’s time to visit your physician. Some women may also experience stiffness in the shoulders and neck.
What you can do: You may take painkillers for your headaches. However, please consult a doctor if your headaches don’t get better, as persistent headaches can be a symptom of high blood pressure or other more serious conditions.

ii. Breast problems
Breasts undergo many changes after childbirth due to hormone fluctuations. As such if you are breastfeeding, you may find your breasts engorged. Your breasts can also become too full of milk that can predispose you to mastitis and sore nipples.
What you can do: Breastfeed regularly to continuously express the milk. Use ice packs to soothe the engorgement. Consult a lactation specialist or any doctor as some conditions need antibiotics to resolve.

iii. Leaky bladder
Most women leak urine after childbirth. Urine leak poses challenges to women as it wets their undies. The problem may be intense for breastfeeding mothers at first but with time, it gradually improves.
What you can do: you should practise Kegel exercises- to help strengthen your pelvic muscles.

iv. Low sex drive
Most women will find sex drive to be lower in their first 6-8 weeks. Tiredness and hormonal changes play a role in reducing your sex drive.
What you can do: Discuss your feelings with your partner so that they will understand you better.

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