Week 11

Pregnancy is categorized into three different trimesters. When you have reached week 11, you have reached the end of the first trimester. It is great news that you have completed one-third of your journey! The second trimester is about to start and you’ll definitely enjoy it as it is commonly referred to as the honeymoon phase. With the start of the second trimester, your hormones start settling down and you’ll have more energy.

Size of the Baby

The size of your baby at week 11 resembles a fig and the features of your baby will start resembling a human at this stage.

Weight/Height of the Baby

The length of your baby during this stage is around 5 cms. The weight of your baby at this stage is around 7 grams.

About Your Baby

When considering your baby, this week is all about increased growth and development. The toenails and fingernail beds start to develop during this stage. The skin of the fetus is still translucent and thin with visible vessels. The placenta is in the developing stage at week 11 which will complete during the 12th week. The facial bones have completed their development while the earbuds are developing. The eyelids of your baby remain closed for a few months and the head and the body are still in disproportion.

About Your Body

The hormones are fluctuating at this stage so with increased hormonal levels you’ll experience better growth of nail and hair. However, you might still feel fatigued, tired, dizzy, and nauseous during this stage and your baby bump will not be too visible up till now. During the 11th week, more blood pumps throughout your body with extra circulation in order to feed the womb. The yolk sac nourishes your baby at this stage with essential nutrients and oxygen supply.

Do & Don’ts/ Advice/ Checklist/ Tips 

  • Get your screening test done for developmental disorders.
  • Get your first scan done if not performed yet.
  • Pregnancy is a challenging phase, you need basic health support for a balanced lifestyle. You need to consume fresh fruits and vegetables with enough amounts of water to stay hydrated.
  • Start wearing a supportive bra at this stage as you’ll experience sore breasts during this phase and later on during the remaining pregnancy.
  • Visit your gynaecologist in order to have a complete scan and essential tests related to the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Avoid consumption of caffeine

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