Week 12

Finally, you have completed the first trimester of pregnancy. You are done with part 1 of an exciting milestone and with each passing day, your baby is busy completing its development. By the start of week 12, all parts of your baby are undergoing accelerated development in order to become larger and stronger! You will feel less nauseated and more energetic by the end of this week.

The size of the baby

The size of your baby during week 12 resembles a plum or a bunch of three grapes.

Weight/height of the baby

The weight of your baby at this stage is around 14 grams. The height of your baby would be around 5cm when measured from top to bottom.

About your baby

Your baby has fully formed by the 12th week, but it has to undergo a long way to reach the full-term phase. The toes and fingers of your baby have developed with the opening and closing of the hands. The circulatory, reproductive and urinary systems of your baby are also undergoing development. The vocal cords are developing during the 12th week and the kidneys have started to produce urine and fill the bladder.

About your body

During the 12th week of pregnancy, your baby is completely formed and undergoes further development. At this stage, you’ll notice that the belly has started to thicken down. It will continue to expand with stretching effect over the ligaments and muscles causing some pain and discomfort over the abdominal area. At the same time, you might experience the following symptoms during this stage: constipation, discomfort in sleeping and walking. However, in due time you’ll meet your precious little one face to face and feel the joys of pregnancy!

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips

  • Start the consumption of fibrous foods if you experience constipation.
  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy.
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times by consumption of an increased amount of water.
  • Avoid eating for two as it’s just a myth, you need only 300 extra calories each day for providing nutrition to your baby.

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