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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 14

Hang in there parents-to-be, you are one trimester away from delivering your precious one! The second trimester is known to be one of the most comfortable stages of pregnancy. This is when you do not feel morning sickness and when you get to enjoy your favourite meals. The body starts changing during this stage as your baby is rapidly growing.

The size of the baby

The size of your baby resembles a lemon or peach at this stage.

Weight/height of the baby

The weight of your baby at fourteen weeks is around 25-35grams. The height of your baby is around 9-10 cm.

About your baby

Your baby starts getting active at this stage! He or she will start to move their legs and arms in order to appear super active. Your baby can now suck the fingers, curl up their head and their grasp reflex starts to evolve during this period. They will try to grab objects in response to touch!

During this stage, your baby will also be able to feel the fetal membrane and umbilical cord. Their eyebrows and eyelashes would have started to form along with other facial features. The facial muscles of your baby are now more active and they can smile.

The joints of your baby are in the developing phase with coordinated movements and their neck muscles are now strong enough with the head staying in its position. The fingerprints of your baby have started to develop which will end by week 24. The lungs of your baby are still in forming phase due to which they breathe through your placenta. The body of your baby is covered with thin hairs which disappear by the end of pregnancy.

About your body

You are gaining weight due to increased lymph and blood volume. You will notice physiological changes in your body like popping up of veins over your legs, breasts, and abdomen. Try controlling your weight if your veins are extremely enlarged.

Try losing some weight at this stage by performing some light exercises, rescued pressure over the legs, try wearing comfortable clothes and have compression stockings in order to treat varicose veins.

The symptoms during this stage include increased appetite, more susceptible to colds, you will not feel nausea and vomit during this stage.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips

You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to offer better support for your body and the growing baby. You should consume a healthy diet throughout pregnancy including a good balance of fresh fruits and vegetables. A gentle reminder to take your screening test with a glucose tolerance test at this stage.

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