Week 18

If you see your baby at this stage, you will be astonished to see that your baby is rapidly growing with increased weight over the last few weeks. At this stage, you’ll experience fetal movements as your baby gets active and performs some movements.

The size of the baby
The size of your baby at this stage resembles a cucumber or bell pepper.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of your baby at this stage is around 14 cms when measured from top to bottom and the weight of your baby should be around 200 grams.

About your baby
At the start of the fifth month, the mom-to-be begins to feel the movements of the baby. Your baby can now make use of his or her muscles so they eventually develop food cravings for different food items. Your baby can yawn, make some facial expressions such as frowning and perform stretches during this stage. The sense of taste is developing during this stage and your baby can now distinguish between bitter and sweet taste. It is the starting of the fifth month where your baby makes some movements! Most of the reflexes of your baby are in the developing stage like swallowing, sucking or hearing. The hands and feet of your baby are rapidly moving.

About your body
Your belly will become more noticeable at this stage! Moreover, you’ll feel the movements of your baby during this stage and develop some food cravings. You might feel a little clumsy and discomfort due to the increased belly size and enlarged breasts. You might also feel dizzy and light-headed due to low blood pressure levels. During this time of pregnancy, you will notice a dark line which appears over the abdomen and disappears a few months after the day of delivery. The symptoms which you will experience during week 18 include abdominal pain, constipation, stretching of the ligaments and muscles, increased pressure over the uterus, headaches. If you experience symptoms like burning or increased pain sensation within the urine, vaginal discharge, increased pressure over the uterus, spotting or bleeding, you should definitely visit the gynaecologist for immediate assistance.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips

• Get enough calcium in your diet along with the folic acid supplements
• Evaluate your weight in order to avoid excessive weight gain
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables
• Stay safe by avoiding excessive physical activities
• Visit the dentist in order to take care of the dental health

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