Week 20

At the 20th week of your pregnancy, you are done with half of your pregnancy journey which means that there are many changes which you’ll definitely experience at this stage of pregnancy.

The size of the baby
The size of your baby at this stage is similar to the grapefruit or large banana.

Weight/height of the baby
The weight of your baby is around 300grams and measures around 16cms from the head to the coccyx and around 25cm from the head towards the toe. Your baby gains around 1 cm during each passing week within the 5th month.

About your baby
Your baby is rapidly growing at this stage, the senses and reflexes of your baby are rapidly developing such as sucking, breathing, swallowing. The legs of your baby are almost straight so it can be easily measured from head to toe. The movements of your baby during this stage are more obvious as it is larger and stronger than the previous weeks.

Your baby starts sucking the thumbs. The brain of your developing baby is growing at a rapid pace, they respond to different noises along with beautiful songs. Your baby has more defined sleeping patterns and might wake up at loud noises. He or she might start making hiccups at this stage which are felt as fetal movements. The skin of the baby was translucent in the previous weeks but now different layers of the skin have started to form giving your baby a pigmented appearance.

About your body
Fun fact: Did you know that from now onwards the height of your baby will be similar to the ongoing week of pregnancy? Starting from your pubic bone till the top of the bump it should now measure as 20cms i.e. the fundal height. At the 20th week of your pregnancy, the size of your uterus is similar to a melon. The uterus reaches the belly button at the 20th week.

Expect the following symptoms at this stage of pregnancy:
Constipation, lower back pain, swollen ankles or feet, forgetfulness, indigestion or heartburn, shortness of breath, snoring along with increased vaginal discharge. On the bright side, the increased hormonal levels will result in stronger nails and hair.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips:
As your bump starts increasing in size, it’s better to follow the basic tips during the second trimester:
• Wear belly bands which support your bulging bump
• Avoid wearing high heels to prevent swelling in feet and cramps in legs
• Try eating smaller and frequent meals to avoid heartburn
• Try to involve your partner in next appointments with doctors

• 20th-week ultrasound is scheduled during this week which is also known as anomaly scan.
• Schedule your next appointment for the 24th week
• Plan a trip with friends or partner
• Buy belly bands
• Start writing down names of your baby
• Talk to your boss regarding the maternity leave
• Enjoy spending time at the spa or having a new haircut
• Plan a nursery for your child

You have completed half of your pregnancy, you just need to wait for a few more weeks to welcome the bundle of joy to your family!

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