Week 30

At 30 weeks, you are just 10 weeks away from delivering your beautiful baby! You will encounter some difficulties and challenges, and will also experience mixed feelings as you get closer to your due date.

Size of your baby:

The size of your baby resembles the head of the cabbage.

Weight / Height of your baby: 

The weight of your baby is around 1.36 kg (3 pounds), and the height of your baby is around 38cm (15 inches). As the size and weight of the baby increases, the amniotic fluid will reduce in its volume.

About your baby: 

The size of your baby is increased at this stage and continues to get stronger. As the due date is closer, your baby starts attaining a head-down position for the delivery. Your baby’s eyes will start to distinguish different objects that surround her or him and can also differentiate between dark and light. When babies are born, they focus on specific objects placed in front of them but most of the time they prefer to stay with closed eyes at all times. Your baby has now developed all the essential organs and will gain half a pound every week in order to offer protection to the body systems. The movements of your baby will reduce as it has a smaller room. The hearing senses are further improved during this week and facial lines of your baby are more developed at this stage.

About your body: 

Your body feels extremely exhausted at the 30th week as you are just a few weeks away from the due date. Try sleeping in a comfortable position to get enough rest. You might feel clumsy as the uterus moves upwards towards the abdominal cavity creating enough room for the growing baby. You feel as if you are losing balance due to the increased size of the belly.

The expected symptoms during the 30th week of pregnancy include:

Sleeping difficulties, back pain, muscle cramps, mood swings which could lead to depression and anxiety.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips: 

  • Start consuming starchy foods which include cereals and potatoes. Lean meats and vegetables can also be included in the diet which helps in reducing diarrhea during pregnancy
  • Stay active during the entire pregnancy and perform activities like walking, swimming or dancing in order to shorten the labor time
  • Consume minerals and vitamins regularly within the right dosage


  • Learn the relaxation technique regarding the breathing patterns that allow you to stay calm and relaxed at the time of labor
  • Prepare the nursery room
  • Purchase a car seat for your baby to assure that the baby stays safe and sound during traveling

At this stage, you need to know the difference between false and real contractions as you are closer to the due date.

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