Week 31

When you reach the 31st week of your pregnancy journey, you have entered the last phase and you are just a few weeks away from delivering your baby. You might feel clumsy, irritated, along with some discomfort during this stage. Start counting your days as you are just a few weeks away from seeing your bundle of joy.

The size of the baby
The size of your baby at this stage resembles the head of a zucchini or a coconut.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of the baby during this stage is around 41 cm while the weight of the baby is around 1.5 kg.

About your baby
Your baby is undergoing several changes during this phase with increased weight and rapid brain development. Hence, he/she may look chubby due to the increased fat deposition underneath the skin. Your baby will also be very active with increased coordinated movements during this week and further on. He/she is now placed in a vertical position with head down and feet pointing upwards.

At week 31, your baby’s skin is covered with fine hairs known as lanugo which will go away with time till delivery. Your baby’s brain is also rapidly developing to face environmental changes in the outer world. He/she can now suck his/her thumbs and the five senses are rapidly maturing.

About your body
Your body is also undergoing several changes such as fluctuating hormonal levels and the rapid development of stretch marks due to an expanding belly to accommodate the increased size of your baby. The symptoms which you might experience during the 31st week include fluid leakage from the breasts, back pain due to the extra weight applied by the baby, frequent urination, constipation, heartburn, breathlessness, Braxton hicks’ contractions, and others. Get excited to see your baby within a few weeks.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips
• Buy comfortable clothes for your expanding belly
• Pack your bag for the hospital and make a list of essentials that you might need for your big day
• You might feel clumsy during the last few weeks but it is essential to perform light exercises
• Consume a balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables to supply the baby with essential nutrients
• Complete your nursery preps as you might deliver the baby anytime soon
• Request for maternity leave before leaving the job

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