Week 32

At the beginning of week 32, you are done with most of your task of carrying a baby. You are only two months away from delivering your baby and welcoming an additional family member. You might feel anxious or excited at the same time as you are about to deliver your bundle of joy.

The size of the baby
At week 32, the size of your baby resembles the head of the lettuce.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of the baby during week 32 is around 42.5 cm while the weight of the baby is around 1.8-2 kg.

About your baby
The organs and bones of your baby are now developed. He/she will get stronger and bigger during the last few weeks with increased growth within the uterus. The deposition of fats starts within this week, leading to a more opaque fetus rather than a translucent baby. The bones of your baby will start to mould into the right shape while they are still malleable and soft, and the head will be comparatively larger than the rest of the body. His/her nails will also be formed completely. During the 32nd week, your baby flips down in head-down posture to get ready for the delivery as within a few weeks’ time, he/she has to move through the birth canal. Apart from observing developmental changes in your baby, you might also notice some bodily changes within your pelvic area and the belly.

About your body
Your body will also start gearing up for childbirth. There will be numerous bodily changes such as an increased belly size and fluctuation of hormonal levels. Stretch marks will also become visible over the belly.
The symptoms which you might experience during week 32 include leaking breasts, heartburn or indigestion, constipation, fatigue, Braxton hick’s contractions, and others.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips
• Engage yourself in light exercises
• Avoid being extremely active as you should be resting during the last few weeks
• Buy comfortable clothes for your expanding belly
• Pack your bag for the hospital
• You might feel clumsy during the last few weeks but it is essential to perform light exercises
• Consume a balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables in order to supply the baby with essential nutrients
• Complete your nursery preps as you might deliver the baby anytime soon
• Request for maternity leave before leaving the job

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