Week 37

At the 37th week, you are getting closer to your due date with each passing day. Your baby at 37 weeks is considered as at-term so be ready to enter the delivery ward anytime now. Both you and your baby will experience many changes within the week in order to be ready for labour and delivery.

The size of the baby
Your baby is currently the size of a winter melon.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of your baby this week is around 48.5 cm and will weigh around 2.8 – 3 kg on average. With each passing day, your baby should now gain around 14grams on a daily basis.

About your baby
At 37 weeks in, your baby is settled into the cephalic position where your baby is positioned head down with his/her back facing your belly. During this stage, your baby will start to punch and kick more frequently. Your baby will also start to practice regular breathing patterns by exhaling and inhaling the amniotic fluid within the mother. The lungs and the brain of your baby are still developing but will function perfectly fine in the event of an early delivery.

About your body
At this stage, the uterine wall will start to stretch as your due date approaches. It thins out so that more light enters the uterus to get your baby used to the outside environment. A common question that parents might wonder during this stage is whether their baby is in the pelvis direction, which is an indicator that you are about to anticipate labour. If your baby is facing downwards, he/she will be ready to be delivered within 3-4 weeks. With your baby in position, you will feel an extreme urge to pee frequently. You’ll develop new stretch marks and fine lines over the belly during these last weeks.

The common symptoms during these last few weeks include swelling near the extremities, nausea, heartburn, sleeping difficulties, false contractions, tightness within the abdomen, spotting, vaginal discharge, stretches along with feelings of anxiety, nervousness, fear, and excitement.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips
• Start applying stretch mark cream as you’ll experience new fine lines and stretches during these last weeks
• Perform light exercises to stay active and healthy even in the last weeks of your pregnancy
• Keep yourself hydrated at all times to avoid dehydration
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in essential nutrients
• Take prenatal vitamins and iron on a regular basis to consume essential vitamins and minerals
• Prepare yourself mentally as well as physically as your baby is about to arrive after you have reached week 37
• Take some photos to remember your pregnancy period
• Keep your hospital bag ready at all times
• Schedule an appointment with your doctor for the 38th week
• Start reading about childbirth and labour
• Try having a perineal massage which makes you feel comfortable
• Have a read regarding newborn care and baby grooming basics

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