Week 38

At 38 weeks in, you are about to reach the full-term phase where your baby is fully grown. It is time to practice your relaxation techniques as you get ready to give birth to your baby.

The size of the baby
At week 38, the size of your baby resembles Swiss chard or a bunch of leeks.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of your baby at this stage is around 51 cm and weighs around 2.8 – 3.2 kg.

About your baby
Your baby continues to grow in size with an increment of around 0.23 kg per week during the final few weeks of pregnancy, with development focusing on the shoulders, knees and elbows. The essential organs of your baby i.e. lungs, brain and liver continues to develop while in the womb. The soft hair which covered your baby is nearly gone or will go completely till the time of delivery. The bowel of your baby starts to store the first poop known as Meconium which will be passed out after delivery.

About your body
The most important change which you’ll notice during the 38th week is that there is an increased amount of pressure over the lower abdomen region as your baby starts to get into cephalic position i.e. the head facing downwards. You’ll feel clumsy and uncomfortable during this stage. Try wearing comfortable clothes with a lighter bra to accommodate the increased size of your breasts. At this stage, your nipples may start to leak a nutrient-filled liquid known as colostrum. Your belly at this stage appears to drop down towards the lower side of the pelvis.

The symptoms that you might experience during the 38th week include fatigue, tiredness, insomnia, heartburn, indigestion, swelling over the feet and hands, headaches, backaches, dizziness or lightheadedness, constipation, bloating along with increased discharge from the vagina.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips
• Braxton hick’s contractions a.k.a false contractions occur during this stage of your pregnancy
• Stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables
• Try enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy by staying relaxed and stress-free
• Perform some light exercises in order to stay active and super healthy
• Get the baby room ready
• Practice relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you during labour
• Prepare your hospital bag
• Keep your birth plan ready, where you will go, who will you call and what time you’ll need
• Create all the contacts to whom you can call during an emergency
• As you approach the end of week 38, get excited as your baby has reached full-term phase and will be ready to meet you soon!


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