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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 39

This week marks the last stretch of your entire pregnancy journey. Your baby is now full-term at this stage and is fully developed. Although your baby is ready to meet you and your loved ones, there are still some changes occurring within both of your bodies.

The size of the baby
Your baby is the size of a tiny watermelon at this stage.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of your baby ranges is roughly 52 cm at this stage, with the weight of your baby around 2.9-3.6 kg.

About your baby
Your baby at week 39 is fully grown and will not experience any changes in terms of his/her height or weight. However, significant developments occur in your baby’s head as the brain develops at a much faster pace i.e., 30% faster compared to the previous month. Brain development will continue throughout the first three years of a baby’s life. The skin of your baby turns white at this stage as there is a thick deposition of fat underneath the skin over the developing blood vessels. Your baby now has the ability to develop multiple skin cells.

About your body
As your body prepares itself for labour during the last two weeks of pregnancy, your uterus displaces the internal organs in order to make space for your growing baby. The belly is fully stretched and stretch marks will be extremely visible at this stage.

Rashes also known as PUPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) may also appear over the stretched womb, affecting roughly 1 in 160 expectant mums.
The symptoms which you may face during the 39th week include fatigue, tiredness, Braxton hicks’ contractions i.e. false contractions, pressure over the pelvic area, clumsiness, discomfort, and constipation. You will notice during your ultrasound that your baby is in cephalic position (i.e. head down) and is ready for delivery.

Do & Don’ts / Advice / Checklist / Tips
Although your feelings may be in a mess as you feel anxious yet excited for the arrival of your bundle of joy, do remember that it is important to take care of yourself by ensuring sufficient rest, having a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Light exercises will also help you to stay active.

  • Go for a prenatal visit
  • Wrap up all your work in order to take a rest after your delivery
  • Perform some light exercises while you prepare for your big day
  • Plan healthy meals for yourself after you are done with delivery
  • Discuss your plan for the big day with your partner
  • Keep your bag ready for visiting the hospital
  • Keep a list of contacts whom you can alert at the time of delivery
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