Your Baby At 10 Months

10-month-old babies will start making progress on new developmental milestones like feeding themselves, standing, and piling items. Your baby’s first birthday is near, and each day brings many unique and fun things to learn!

In this guide, you’ll find out what developmental milestones your baby should achieve at ten months old.


At ten months old, your little one will repeat gestures or sounds. Also, he or she may tell you goodbye when they see you leaving. Your baby will start to understand most of the things you tell them, including simple instructions like ‘pass me the toy’ – even though they can’t talk yet.

Personality and social skills

Your baby’s social skills and temperament are developing now. Don’t be surprised if they give broad smiles after meeting someone new. Also, they may be a little timid and try to hide their face when people try to chat. At this age, your baby will begin to develop a mind of his or her own – particularly when they didn’t want to eat at a particular time and would rather play with his or her toy.


Your ten-month-old baby will set trying out some words; others may choose to wait until they feel bold. Studies indicate that the average age for a baby’s first word is 10-11 months. Mums may not like this, but Dada is normally the first.

Basic tips

If your baby is trying to speak and finds it hard to, nod and say the right word back. Encourage their efforts, don’t point out their mistakes.

Your child may likely understand the idea of role-playing. So, pick an object from your cupboard or plastic food toys to spur pretend play and increase your baby’s imagination!

Telling your baby about your activities in the order in which they occurred can encourage language development. You can do this while doing the laundry or dishes. When you put your baby in the carriage to go out, say, “I am going to put you in your buggy. So let’s fasten you in. That’s it; we’re off to the grocery store.”

Your baby’s pincer movement is great now, so give them toys with levers or wheels. They may have also enjoyed dropping objects months back – but check if they can throw and catch.  Throw a toy gently on to the tray and as he or she prepares to drop the toy, catch it, then toss it back gently.

Every child at this age is different, make sure you encourage them to do some things that are perfect for their age. Remember, your child will do things at their own pace. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor.

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