Your Baby At 2 Months

At 2 months, your baby is developing fast and getting more alert. He or she will start responding to sounds and move their body. This guide explains the baby’s milestones to expect at two months old.

 Motor Skills

Your two-month-old baby will start gaining more control of his or her body. What this means is they can keep their head in a stable position when held or when lying on their tummies.

Also, your baby will have a powerful sucking instinct. He or she will also start sucking on some of his fingers. Don’t panic, babies at this age suck on their fingers or fist to get comfort.


At two months, your baby’s sleep patterns will begin to evolve, but they’re not fully developed yet. Expect your baby to sleep for about 15 to 16 hours a day. But these are irregular hours, and they usually aren’t set to sleep all through the night. This is particularly true for babies who wake up to feed every 3 hours.

The Senses

Babies at two months can see people and objects from about 10 inches away – as such, you still need to get pretty close.

But your baby will see your face clearly while feeding. He or she can also follow movements as you walk by. Your baby’s hearing will also improve too and will enjoy listening as you talk or sing.


Two-month-old babies communicate through crying. But you’ll probably hear some grunts, gurgles, and coos. Your baby should know your voice and face and respond to them. Don’t be surprised to see him or her smile adorably.

Try to communicate with your baby by talking. Although your two-month-old baby responds, he or she will acknowledge your voice. This will push your baby to start building his or her words.


At two-month-old, it will be time for him to have his 1st dose of Rotavirus, Diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, Haemophilus influenza type B, Pneumococcal conjugate, inactivated poliovirus immunisation, and 2nd dose of Hepatitis B immunisation.

How to help your two-month-old baby develop

Play with your baby by allowing him or her to look at and feel objects with unique shapes, colours, and designs. You can make use of softballs and plastic toys.

Your baby will enjoy looking at you, so smile at your baby often! To make your baby feel relaxed, you can also give him or her a massage after a bath.

Maintain a one to five minutes tummy time to bolster your baby’s upper body. It will help the muscles your baby needs to crawl and sit. But remember always to put your baby to sleep on his or her back.

Development problem signs

Although babies at two months old grow at different paces, talk to your pediatrician if:

  • They don’t smile at two months old
  • They keep crying even when you pick them up to console them
  • A part of their body is stronger than other parts
  • Sudden sounds don’t startle them
  • They’re stiff or floppy
  • They don’t eat well

Where to get help

If you notice any of these developmental issues, consult your doctor immediately.

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