Your Toddler At 21 Months

Watching babies grow is fun and fabulous. At 21 months, your baby will develop new skills and surprise you as they grow into their personality. Meanwhile, kids are different. Vanessa may love yelling so much while Lydia is out there biting other kids. At this age, your baby’s personality will start shining through, and this is the best time to shape their behavior.

Weight and height
The average weight at this stage is 25.5 pounds for boys and 24.9 pounds for girls. They are moving from a standing to running position. They still have difficulty with turning corners or stopping, so you can expect some bumps here and there.

Physical skills
Your baby will start trying new things because his motor skills are developing! They will turn their food to a toy, jump up and down the sofa or run around the kitchen. They love moving around!
It is essential to be alert at this time to prevent any hazard while your baby plays. Since you can’t watch your baby every second, you can get rid of potential risks. For example, you can make sure the windows are secured, so your baby doesn’t climb out.

This is the time your baby develops a personality and start thinking of independence. They will want to dress on their own or drink water by themselves. Exhibiting this independence requires patience from your side even if they are messy at doing things on their own. This is their way of developing confidence and positive self-identity.

It’s normal for your baby to feel frustrations. This is how they learn, they figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s the way to express themselves and assert their wills. She may ask for something and then start yelling because you didn’t give it to her.
The best thing to do when your child is throwing a tantrum is to be as calm as possible. Let him vent, allow him to let out the frustration but don’t give in. This will help them learn what’s right and what isn’t.

They would like to eat on their own now, and they will start choosing the food they want and don’t. Introduce her to new food in small amount and don’t give up when they don’t like it at first. Babies need to be given food about 11 times before they finally accept it.
Also, since they would like to eat on their own, make it easy for them by dishing their food in small quantity and pieces.

At 21 months old, your baby should receive the Annual vaccination 1 or 2 doses – Influenza (IIV) immunization.

While this is an intense period for parents (especially dealing with tantrums and making sure of their safety), it is important to note that this stage will also come to an end. Be patient, learn more about your child, enjoy the moment, and very soon your child will stop jumping on the sofa.

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