Your Baby At 7 Months

Your baby is seven months old! At this age, they are getting better at sitting up, holding objects and toys. Do not be surprised if he starts crawling, it is going to be a busy month for your baby. This guide will show what you can expect from your 7 months old baby.

Weight and height
At seven months, boys will weigh about 8.3 kilograms and girls will weigh about 7.9 kilograms. Also, the average length for boys and girls are about 69 and 67.3 centimetres, respectively.

Your baby may begin to move more independently at this age and might start exploring his/her environment in unique ways.
Further, his/her first tooth may arrive soon. Be prepared to help them get through the pain as you continue to encourage their growth. Watch out for these signs:

  • Your little ones will start biting on their hands and drooling more
  • Rash on their chin due to excessive saliva
  • Inflamed gums will make them feel uncomfortable and irritable and this can keep them up at night

Follow these effective ways to help ease teething pain:

  • Give them a frozen wet washcloth or toy to bite on to help ease the pain
  • Stock up on your napkins, and always keep their face and clothes dry

If you have yet to introduce solid foods when your baby was at six months old, you would likely start soon. Do not forget to introduce new foods slowly to help point out potential food allergies. If your 7-month-old is allergic to a particular food, contact your paediatrician immediately.
Try to consider these foods in addition to breast milk:

  • Baby cereals like barley rice, and oats
  • Pureed fruits like apples, pears, bananas, and peaches
  • Pureed meat like fully cooked pork, beef, and chicken
  • Pureed vegetables like well-cooked sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots

Every baby learns and develops at a different rate. But at the end of the 7th month, your baby will likely do the following:

  • Stand and move back and forth
  • Eat soft finger foods on his own
  • Search for an object that drops

Furthermore, your child’s recognition, language, and social skills are at a crucial developmental stage. Here are some simple and fun activities you can do with your baby:

  • Expose your baby to different sounds, and assist them in finding the sources
  • Talk with your baby each time you are with them
  • Imitate any sound that they make, and try to ask your baby to make the same sound
  • Create a picture album of familiar relatives. Next, point to them and call their names to help him learn new words

Teething might disrupt your baby’s sleep. You might feel like you are going back to when you first brought your baby home; it is vital to remain patient. Know that they are uncomfortable and feeling discomfort from those growing teeth.
Also, your seven months old might stay awake, or wake up frequently, to learn their newest sitting and crawling abilities.
If your child starts waking up at night, put them to sleep before the expected time.

With their added curiosity, increasing mobility, and ability, they will start reaching for everything! Keep them safe and your things protected at all times.
Research and do some baby-proofing techniques and strategies. This will help keep your baby safe and make your life more enjoyable and safer!


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