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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 3 Years 2 Months

You see how your toddler is turning into a big kid, running fast, making full sentences and even a long chat. He is now keen about the things he sees. He loves exploring new things and not ashamed to ask anything from you. This is the time when he needs you to be responsive and answer all the tons of questions bothering him. If you answer his questions patiently and with a positive attitude, he will also grasp the positivity but if you ignore that, it might affect his learning process.

Weight and height
Now that your toddler is big and almost a pre-schooler, you need to monitor if he is growing well or not. The average weight of the girl will be 31.5 lbs and the height will be 34 inches. A boy of the same age will have a height around 37.5 inches whereas the weight will be 31 lbs.
These are rounded off values and the height and the weight of your baby can be a little less or more than this but make sure the weight and height both are on a standardized scale. If you feel a noticeable difference, you should consult a doctor and ask for his advice.

Health and nutrition
Add more veggies and fruits into your kid’s diet. Make him eat nutrients like calcium, iron, protein, and vitamins. Avoid junk food and the food that contains noticeable large amounts of fat, starch, or carbohydrate. Pizza and burgers also have a large quantity of sodium which is not healthy.
The proteins and vitamins will strengthen your kid. The veggies will energize him and make him less lazy and lethargic so that he can continue playing and learning throughout the day.

Here are some of the noticeable milestones you will witness in your baby.
• Your child will be able to run without tripping
• He can handle his drink and can carry it without spilling
• You kid is now keen and curious about things he sees
• He has started to recognize and develope an interest in friends and playmates
• He can handle small things, like pressing a button or opening a jar but buttoning and tying the laces is still difficult for him
• He will also recognize people by their names

Some parenting tips:
It is the time when your kid will learn a lot of new things. He will also build some habits. Make sure these habits are good ones.
• Prepare a routine for bedtime
• Read him stories that have morals
• Develop his interest in reading
• Encourage him when he does something good
• Get him colored pencils and encourage him to draw

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