Your Child At 3 Years 6 Months

Your toddler is a pre-schooler now. He is meeting new people and developing skills every passing day. When he meets new people, he will adapt his habits also. This is the time when parents have to be careful about what he is learning. If you notice him learning and doing something which is not good, the first thing you should do is to stop him. While stopping, you need to keep this in mind that you don’t scold him or shout at him. Tell him politely and softly.

Height and weight of your toddler
Your toddler is now grown and has normal eating habits with a full set of teeth and a solid diet. The weight of the female toddler will be around 31.5 lbs whereas her height will be 37 inches. Now the weight of the male toddler will be 31 lbs and the height will be 37.5 inches. If you see a major difference, do consult a physician.

Milestones of your toddler
You will see a lot of development in him. Now that he has a greater vocabulary, he can speak better and make you understand what he wants. Other milestones are:
• You will notice him making new friends and recognizing and playing with his new friends.
• You will also see academic development. In this, you will see him learn new academics and get better in counting and coloring.
• Your kid will also develop emotionally and will develop emotions with things and people. He might be shy or super active.
• Also, his motor skills will get better. He will now put his clothes on and dress all by himself.

Food and nutrition of your toddler
Now that your toddler is on a solid died, it is better to stick with the normal diet and not make him so used to treats, candies, and junk food. All you need to do is to give him food that is full of nutrition and doesn’t contain high fats and carbohydrate. Make sure the food you give him has more fiber, calcium, proteins, and vitamins.

Parenting advice for your toddler
All the kids don’t grow at the same pace and not all of them develop their skills that quick. That is perfectly fine, but the problem arises when you notice him lacking in everything as the rest of his age mates are moving quicker and faster. That is where the alarm rings and now that you start noticing this, you need to consult a doctor to check if that is normal or not.

Some other parenting tips are:
• Stick to the normal sleeping schedule, make sure your kid gets enough sleep at night and some sleep in the day
• Give him proper attention and celebrate when he performs well to motivate him
• Try not to be the guard at all times, give him some space to grow and learn

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