Your Child At 3 Years 9 Months

Your kid is growing faster now. He goes to preschool. He also has a bunch of friends. You will notice him talking and speaking full sentences and the energy level in him will be a lot. Now that you notice him having some friends being a parent, you need to stay balanced. You need to give your child space to grow and yet give them attention. The social environment will let them grow and learn things that you can’t teach your kid. He needs to experience new things and now that he has started to interact with the outer world, it is a crucial learning stage. At this time, you need to give them the knowledge that whatever they learn outside is not always right.

Weight and height
Your kid is growing fast and adding inches every passing day. According to the doctor, a kid adds 2-3 pounds every year and 2-3 inches of height every year. At the age of 3 years and 9 months, your kid might have an average weight of 40 pounds. Whereas, the height of your child can be around 40 inches. If you see any noticeable change, you should consult the doctor. There might be a lack in diet or some other issue which a doctor can diagnose properly.

Your child is now three years and nine months old. There will be a lot of skills that he might have developed. The milestones that he has achieved will include:
• Coloring and drawing meaningful images
• Recognizing people
• Finding hidden things
• Shyness
• Knowledge of colors and shapes
• Can read rhymes and similar words
• Your kid will also have motor skills now. He might be able to dress up but laces can still be a problem at this time.

Food and nutrition
Your baby is now on the solid died completely. He loves eating ice creams and junk but you need to give him a healthy lifestyle. Give him fruits and vegetables, and the food that is rich in protein and fiber. Calcium is still very important for him. Keep your kid away from excess sodium. Vitamins are also good. Give him fresh juices to boost up his energy.

Parenting tips
Here are a few parenting tips which will help you in handling your 45 months old.
• Your kid is at a stage where he thinks he can do it all by himself, let him try it. Don’t keep helping him. If he is trying to tie a lace, let him do it. If he tries to open a jar, let him open it. Your constant support will make him lazy and be all dependent on you.
• Develop a routine of early sleeping, eating by his own and brushing at night and in the morning
• Give your kid a healthy lifestyle
• Avoid shouting in front of him

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