Your Child At 4 Years 7 Months

You will observe certain developmental milestones when your toddler reaches 4 years 7-month old. This is the age when a toddler starts developing greater self-control, creativity, and independence. You will also notice a rise in his weight and height. Certain milestones have been identified that your child must achieve when he becomes 4 years 7-month old. Let’s have a look at these milestones.

Weight and height
Weight and height of a baby girl and baby boy vary. For a baby girl of 4 years 7-month old, weight is 15.4kg and height is 100.3 cm. On the other hand, a baby boy of the same age has a weight of 16.3kg and height is 102.3cm. There is no need to worry if your toddler shows a little variation in weight and height. But do consult a specialist if the difference is huge.

A toddler at 4 years 7-month old has some language, cognitive, movement, social, and emotional developmental milestones. Your kid’s vocabulary is growing and he clearly uses complex sentences, count ten, and correctly name a few shapes and colors. Toddler will begin understanding the day and night times and the activities with time like morning breakfast, night dinner, etc. Your kid should be kicking balls, running, swimming, hopping, and throwing balls. He can stand on a single foot for about 10 seconds or more, walk up and down the stairs, peddle a tricycle, walk backward and forward, brush teeth, and dress/undress clothes.

Your child will start understanding other individuals’ feelings and can also control his emotions. He will enjoy playing with kids and have an understanding of the share and take rules of the game. A child at this age will understand and obey rules, but maybe a little uncooperative and demanding at times. You will see your kid becoming more independent and expressive.

Health and nutrition
Start giving healthy foods to your child when he reaches 4 years 7-month old. Healthy food options include fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, lean, proteins, and whole-grain cereals. Try giving regular meals to your child and let him decide how much food he wants to eat. Avoid giving sugary drinks and processed food as these can cause health issues. Water and milk are the best drinks to give to your toddlers. Milk contains vitamin D and calcium that helps build strong bones.

Tips for parents
• Don’t expect your toddler to clean his plates and eat everything that has been served to him
• Sit with your child while serving food and give him full attention. Also, switch off the television during mealtime to provide a calm eating environment
• Teach table manners to your child such as using a napkin, avoiding talking, and using spoon or folk.
• Serve small portions of food to your kid. You can also encourage him to select his serving size, but provide small plates, cups, and bowls.

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