Your Child At 5 Years 1 Month

There are a lot of changes to expect from your baby especially at 5 years and a month. It’s a school-time age, and you’ll see other kids of the same age with different characteristics. But that doesn’t mean their development are totally different, because things in common do exist. You’d want to know such things so you can help your child grow properly. It includes making the right choices and being mindful of the changes.

Physical Development
At 5 years and a month, your kid is getting more physical with things around him. Even though they’re more focused, be cautious with their movements. At this age, kids put on about 4-5 pounds or 2 kilos, with their height increased by about 2-3 inches (5-8 cm). The stated average weight stands at 39.5 lb (17.9kg), with height at 42.5′ (107.9 cm). With their height and weight, they can skip, hop and jump. Also, they have more balance and can perform little tricks, dance, catch a ball and cycle small wheels.

As far as expressions go, they can make distinctions with a bit of help. Also, their feelings find a way out even though they have trouble understanding them
Communication and social skills
Expect your 5 years and 1-month-old kid to talk a lot more as she adds more words to her vocabulary. You may struggle to comprehend some of the speech, but you’ll get the point. She’ll be the same way with her friends.

At this stage, kids have the drive for learning faster. And if your child is eager, there’s no limit. In actuality, their brain processes things faster than they can speak them. You can be a large part of that by helping them learn or interpret words.

Kids at this level can also understand what’s real and what’s pretend. They’ll display a little independence, but they’ll recognize those around them. That’s part of the social skills they come across. They’ll also be cooperative, solve little problems and appreciate everything around them.

In school, things get cooler for your kid and the experiences that come with it. That’s where they’ll pick up a huge chunk of the social skills and also learn different things, subjects and handle learning materials like pencils and books.

How you can help
Learn and play with your kid. You can do that by reading together and teaching him or her how to work with others. Also, teach them to follow classroom instructions and rules.
In conclusion, always take note of how your kid feels at all times and help them to understand these feelings.

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