Your Child At 5 Years 5 Months

Now that your toddler is all grown up and he is good with all the little things, you will notice he can lift small things and do some household work. You will notice the changes in him, physically, mentally and academically. He might stun you with his thoughts sometimes. You will notice him talk the way adults do sometimes. He will start understanding things and knowing more about the world. At this moment, you need to tell him to be emphatic, apologetic if he is wrong and thankful when someone is nice to him. These are the virtues you need to teach him when he is growing up and learning new things.

Weight and height
The weight of your toddler will be between 39.5 lbs (17.9 kg) to 44.0 lb (19.9 kg). Whereas, the height of the toddler will be between 42.5″ (107.9 cm) to 45.5″ (115.5 cm).

Are you happy that he got promoted to a new class and that he is doing well in academics? Well, that is a great milestone. He has passed the walking and teething phase, now all his milestones are related to his mental capability and health. He will learn a new habit and might also learn some new tricks and magic to surprise you. This means that his mental capability to learn and understand the tricks has increased. You will see him solve tricky maths questions and sometimes doing his homework without your help. This is also a great achievement.
Let’s talk about physical milestones. You will notice him running and playing football or any other outdoor game with his peers. He will be active physically and will want to spend time playing. Your kid will learn some new traits which you might want to give special attention. If you do not stop him from lying or do not correct his wrong doings, you might end up with a lot of trouble later.

Food and nutrition
This is the age when he might want ice cream often and junk food every day. Some parents will give them junk food and ice-cream every day, just to fulfill their demands not knowing how harmful sodium and such a great amount of sugar is. It is best to have a balanced diet. Make sure you give him protein, calcium, iron, fiber and every other nutrient that is health. Add natural sugars in the form of fruits and add more vegetables in the diet.

Sometimes, you will feel that your kids are being super rebellious and bratty, do not give in to their demands. Try to negotiate and compromise with them in someway. Ask them to achieve something so that they can get a reward in just the right way. This way they will know and understand that everything comes with hardwork and for every work, there is a good outcome in the end.

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