Your Child At 6 Years

At the age of 6 years, your child will progress in terms of his development in predictable sequences. Your child is taking a firm step towards the big school-phase after finishing kindergarten. Along with that, your child is learning how to enjoy outside their home’s comfort, facing peer pressure, and have an interactive behavior.

Weight and height
The weight and height of your child show the progress of your child in terms of physical development.

⦁ If your child is a girl, then the average weight and height should be 19.9 kg (44.0 lb) and 45.5 inches, respectively.
⦁ If your child is a boy, then the average weight and height should be 20.6 kg (45.5 lb) and 45.5 inches, respectively.

Developmental milestones
Here are some of the developmental milestones that should be considered to ensure the proper growth of your child.

⦁ Cognitive milestones
At this age, the cognitive milestones for your child include the ability to tell his name, age, and address. Your child can count and understand the concept of number. He will be learning to express his feelings through words. Your child should be learning how to write and concepts like shapes and time.

⦁ Emotional and social milestones
By the age of six, your child’s typical fears of monsters, large animals, and the thought of a thief continue to exist. He wants companionship, admiration, and affection. Your kid is still exploring the difference between fantasy and reality. He wants to be motivated and encouraged to do better.

⦁ Language milestones
The language milestones for your 6 year-old child include the ability to describe his favorite shows and characters. By this age, your child is able to read and write clear sentences along with understanding tenses and grammar. He can spell his name along with writing simple words and numbers.

⦁ Physical milestones
The physical milestones for this age include controlling their muscular moment. The child should be able to have a good balance and should be indulged in physical activities like jumping, skipping, and running. Your child can use spoon and fork while eating and can also use the toilet on his own.

Health and nutrition
• There should be a variety of food such as dairy products, meat, fruits, grains, and vegetables.
• Make sure the diet has essentially required nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, etc.
• There should be 1,200 calories for your 6 year-old child on a daily basis.
• Avoid the provision of fat based and processed food items, and sugary drinks.

Parental guidelines
Make sure you motivate your child to develop good self-esteem. Your child should know about basic etiquette and manners. Make sure you help your kid in identifying his talents and interests. Lastly, don’t be harsh and forceful. Let your child learn from his mistakes.

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