Your Toddler At 16 Months

Your toddler should be in a state of continuous playing, motion, walking, and kicking. If he can do all these activities, make sure you childproof your home. Also, make sure you keep a rug underneath his crib in case of jailbreaks. At this age, your baby will continue to become active at he makes developments rapidly. This guide shows what to expect from your 16 months old baby.

Weight and height
Your 16-month-old daughter should weigh 22.5 pounds, and your son should weigh 23.2 pounds. Also, the average height of your 16-month-old son should be 31.6 inches and 30.9 inches for girls.

Your toddler should start walking confidently at this age. He might even run a little too, so make sure you watch him at all times. Further, he’ll love to go towards water without any fear. Be careful around beaches, swimming pools, home baths, paddling pools, and so much more. Do not leave your toddler unwatched or unattended.

50% of babies at this age can say 3 words, and some chatty toddlers can say 15 words or more.

As this age, your baby’s canines (the 3rd bottom tooth from the front) will start erupting.

Potty training
You introduce potty and tell him what it’s for and what people do in there. Don’t pressure him, though. Your baby may begin to ask to sit on the potty chair. Don’t worry if he’s not interested in potty training just yet. Research indicates that it’s best to start between 27 and 32 months.

Senses, emotions, and communication
At this age, ‘No’ will become his favorite word! He’ll get more curious and explore boundaries – all these are normal for babies at this age.
It’s also normal for him to argue over things, like refusing to get out of the bath or sit on a high chair or car seat. Remember, he only wants your attention and to see how you’ll react to his actions.

Your 16-month-old will need about 11 to 14 hours of sleep daily. He may start transitioning to one nap fault. What this means is your daily routine might need some rearranging.
Normally, he might stop the morning nap and sleep longer in the afternoon or sleep earlier at night.

Babies at this age should eat three meals and two snacks daily. Also, it’s best you give him about three 8-ounce cups of whole milk daily if he isn’t getting the right amount of calcium.
Aside from dairy products, your baby can get calcium from foods like broccoli, tofu, and veggies. For Iron, give your baby foods like lean ground beef, dried peaches, and fortified cereal. For fiber, you can offer prunes, refried beans, whole wheat pasta, and bananas.

Activities and games that will help your 16-month-old grow
• Keep on involving him in daily activities and chat with him about the things you do.
• Bolster his talking attempts even though it’s just halfway. For instance, if he points to an animal and says ‘Ca’ respond happily with ‘Yes, that’s a cat!’
• Give him building blocks, balls and shape sorters of different sizes and shapes to play with. It will enhance his motor skills. Also, show him how to hold things like chalk, crayon and let him write on paper.

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