Your Toddler At 22 Months

It feels like just yesterday when you heard that first cry of your baby. Like a blink of an eye, they are already running around the whole place! It’s fascinating, right? Well, as exciting as it may be, you still need to pay close attention to the basics. You can do this by looking out for the developmental milestones in your child.

Developmental milestones are behaviors, attributes, or skills seen in children as they grow and develop. They help to determine what the average child can do or what attributes they should have at a certain age. They could be physical, mental, or even social in nature. In this article, we shall be looking at them holistically. Let’s now take a ride to find out what exactly you should expect as your child is about to hit the 2-year mark (22 months).

• They are much more aware of their feeling and so can show different emotions
These could be frustrations, disapproval, affection, or even jealousy. They are also mindful of other people’s feelings. They can express concern at someone crying or be excited with a familiar or happy voice. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings as a parent. Your validation can give them a sense of safety to express themselves.

• At 22 months, they have a better body balance and weight
The average weight at this stage is 25.9 pounds for boys and 25.4 pounds for girls. They are moving from a standing to running position. They still have difficulty with turning corners or stopping, so you can expect some bumps here and there.

• At this stage, they should have developed about a set of 16 teeth
You can expect the lower second molars and upper second molars. With this, they should be able to eat and chew better. They are also able to eat with a spoon and drink liquids from a glass or cup.

• They can say about 50 to 100 words
These single small words could even turn to two-word or broken sentences. It is also possible for them to be able to follow two-step instructions like “bring it” “give me.”

• Your child is most likely to be able to identify body parts at 22 months
You could go with instructions like “show me your eye” and have them point accordingly.

• They can start to mingle more with other kids and even play with them
Don’t get carried away, though. They might still be a bit “selfish” and may not be willing to share their food or toys.

• You might see strange behaviors like them fondling or touching their genitals
Don’t fret. It comes with this stage and is completely normal. They will outgrow it.

• Immunizations
At 22 months old, your baby should receive the Annual vaccination 1 or 2 doses – Influenza (IIV) immunization.

It is essential to know and be aware of these developments and milestones. It will help you not to panic in certain situations. It would also be an indicator as to when things are not right. Your child is a precious gift to you, pay close attention to them.

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